Kelly did not mean to make a clown of her coworker but the coworker was trying to exaggerate their role in the project so much without understanding that it was embarrassing for everyone who was listening。

  Museum piece


  Clowns are supposed to be funny and entertain people。 They are sometimes thought of as ridiculous people who do all kinds of things to make people laugh。 Thus, if you make a clown of yourself, you are doing something that makes people laugh.This is usually not something you do intentionally。 Instead, you probably intend to do something seriously。 However, by no fault of your own, you end up making a clown of yourself – or looking like a fool。 The idiom is usually not meant as a good thing。 Even though some people really like clowns, in this context they are someone who knows very little。







  This idiom comes as a result of the superstitious nature of actors and other performers。 Many of them think that if you wish them good luck, the exact opposite will happen! Instead of jinxing them, their friends and fellow actors may tell them to break a leg, metaphorically, to have good luck!

  A dog and pony show is an event of some sort whose purpose is to rally people for their support and/or their money。 If someone is trying to sell you something, they are likely to advertise something free to get you to join, show you a portion of what they have, and ask you to pay for the full thing。




  Our local grocery store is helping the families in the community kick off the school year right by offering lots of discounts on all kinds of back-to-school items! They have reduced prices on backpacks, stationery like pens and notebooks, lunches, etc。


  The company had a hard time convincing their potential customers that they were more than just a dog and pony show, but their lack of professionalism and experience really hurt their cause。

  Rachel was so angry when Rebecca called her homemade pants a museum piece because she had been so proud of her work before that。

  I was not too sure how many details I wanted to share with my audience before the launch of my new podcast because I wanted it to live up to the hype。

  To be in the limelight


  對於娛樂圈來說,“kick off a show”意味著開始表演或者從第一場演出之中脫穎而出。你也可以把“kick off”噹作一個形容詞或者是名詞來使用。“a kick off celebration”表示慶祝某件事情開始的某種派對。噹它開始的時候,你也可以簡單稱之為“a kick off”, 有時候,它也可以是“a kickoff”。

  This idiom comes from the old mobile circus way of life。 Circuses would move from town to town, and bring all their tents, animals, equipment, etc。 with them。 If they were stuck in one city, doing things such as picking up supplies, they would not be able to make money。 Instead, they needed to get the show on the road, start traveling to other cities, and marketing their show so that they could earn more。


  The public‘s interest is always wandering, so even though you are in the limelight it is difficult to keep the attention on you。

  Of course, a museum piece can be used literally。 You can literally call something that is displayed in a museum a museum piece, but the idiomatic meaning is much more common。


  I know that some people will judge you for admitting that you enjoy popcorn movies, but they are really popular for a real reason!


  To make a clown of yourself

  The expression comes from an old practice from the theater scene。 Limelight was an actual type of light, also known as “calcium light”。 The bright white light is made by heating oxygen and hydrogen, and placing a piece of lime into it。 It was used for stage lighting and still exists today。

  The movie‘s cast and crew wanted to celebrate the release of their movie by holding a private kick off party the night before the formal movie premiere。


  如果某件事情(特別是電影或者節目)符合宣傳炒作,這意味著兩件事情。一是,這意味著對這件事件有足夠的話題性或者炒作宣傳。人們(例如影評人,博主)會熱衷於為這件事情宣傳炒作。例如,在泰勒·斯威伕特(Taylor Swift)的專輯發行日之前,他們通常會將會發佈日期告訴大傢,並不斷用專輯中的歌曲來挑逗大傢。這就產生了很多炒作,更重要的是,期望。

  My husband is trying out a new standup comedy routine tonight at the coffee shop。 I told him to break a leg!






  Before she realized that this was a dog and pony show meant to get her to spend as much money as possible, Ada had already promised her next paycheck to the event‘s manager。

  If we are able to sell out the first show of our musical, we can show all these people that there is a market for the stories that we can tell and that people will like them!

  2.Get the show on the road

  If some show, movie, or music album is to live up to this hype, it has to be as good as people hope it will be。 This is, in general, difficult to live up to if there is a lot of hype。 However, the best products are able to generate a lot of excitement before they are released, and deliver something that is so high quality that the majority of fans end up loving it。

  In relation to show business, to kick off a show means to start it, or to have the first performance out of many。 You can also use the term kick off as an adjective or as a noun。 A kick off celebration is some sort of party that celebrates the beginning of something。 When it starts, you could also simply call it a kick off; it is sometimes known as a kickoff。

  “sell out”有兩個意義,一個是正面的,一個是負面的。這意味著你為了諸如金錢之類的東西已經完全拋棄了你的原則。例如,你不是想要與觀眾建立長期的關係,而是想要儘快地賺錢,快速賺錢。在這種情況之下,“sell out”作為一個動詞,表示做這種類似的事情。如果你僅僅因為他們付了你很多錢,你就為一個不好的產品揹書的話,那麼你已經揹叛了(即sell out)。


  5.Live up to the hype

  A dog and pony show

  3.Kick something off, kick off

  傑裏以為新的漫威電影“蜘蛛俠回掃”(Spiderman Homecoming)會辜負粉絲們的期望。然而,令他驚喜的是,它完全沒有辜負大傢的期待!


  It takes a lot of time and energy to create a television show that really appeals to a lot of viewers, and turn those viewers into dedicated fans。 Still, I believe that it would be better for the TV network to decide to end a series when it should end rather than jump the shark simply for the ratings。 It ruins the show!

  To crave the limelight


Break a leg


  If something (typically a movie or a show) lives up to the hype, it means two things。 First, it means that there is enough interest in it, or hype。 People (such as movie critics, bloggers, etc。) will get excited for something by generating hype for it。 Before the release date of one of Taylor Swift’s albums, for example, they will typically announce the date everything will be released and continually tease people about the songs that will be on it。 This generates a lot of excitement and hype, and, more importantly, expectation。

  如果你渴望風頭,表示你真的很想成為關注的焦點。你很渴望成為每個人興趣的焦點。這適用於名人和政治傢,但也要同樣適用於你在工作或壆校中遇到的普通人。如果有人一直在做瘋狂的事情並且告訴你這些事情,那麼他們很可能是愛出風頭的人。這個詞的近義詞是渴望被關注的人(attention hog)。

  I thought that there were lots of story lines that the writers of my favorite TV show could have developed, which would have brought in more viewers。 However, they decided to jump the shark and have two characters that should have hated each other start to date instead。

  如果有人告訴你“在路上進行演出”(get the show on the road),意思是他們正在敦促你開始一些事情!他們並不是在某處等待完成准備工作,而是希望你開始進行工作,即使可能會有一些錯誤和阻礙你的工作進程的事情。許多潛在的問題會在你必須真正處理它們之前自行排除。


  If someone tells you to get the show on the road, they are urging you to get started on something! Rather than waiting somewhere for the preparation to finish, they want you to start, even if there might be some mistakes and things that hinder your progress。 Many of these potential problems will sort themselves out before you have to really deal with them。

  I know you really do not need the luck with all the practice that you have been putting in, but make sure to break a leg!


  1.Popcorn movie


  Sell out has two meanings – one is positive and the other is negative。 If you use sell out as a noun, it is not a good thing。 This means that you have completely abandoned your principles in favor of something such as money.Instead of looking to build a long-term relationship with your audience, for example, you are trying to make a quick buck and earn money fast。 In this case, sell out as a verb means to do something like this。 If you endorse a bad product simply because they have paid you a lot of money, you have sold out。



  The circus ringmaster was tired of all his employees spending time drinking and partying instead of packing up to move。 He shouted, “Let‘s get this show on the road!” to get them to move。


  If you are in the limelight, you are in the public eye。 This means that there are people who actually care about your personal life aside from all the work that you do。 They will want to know about your personal life, including who you are dating, how your family is doing, what your typical day looks like, and what you like to spend your free time doing。 Because of this, you will likely have paparazzi and reporters around you often.People are interested in you as a person, meaning that they will take steps to figure you out。

  This is a semi-derogatory term used to describe certain television shows (and occasionally some films) that have decreased in quality。 It used to be something completely amazing and worth watching, but they have, for one reason or another, begun to use far-fetched plots and special effects to maintain ratings。 Instead, they should have kept their story telling quality high in some other way.Over time, this term has come to apply to shows and movie series, but also bands, celebrities, and other public figures (including politicians)。 They are now doing things that are off brand and that they would probably have frowned upon if they were their younger selves, looking at the current version of themselves。


  4.Sell out



  6.Jump the shark


  A popcorn movie is one that you watch almost purely for entertainment。 While there are movies that will make you think and give you a new perspective on life, popcorn movies will not – nor are they made for that。 Instead, they are made for you to get out of your worldly responsibilities for a moment and just enjoy your life。 You can watch these types of movies, eat some popcorn and forget about the worries that you have in the world。

  “跳魦魚”來自電視劇《懽樂時光》(Happy Days)。這是二十世紀七十年代和八十年代初的一部關於美國中西部一些青少年理想化生活的情景喜劇。在第五季的某一集中,主角跳過了一個魦魚。這個情節違揹了角色的個性。結果,這一幕被認為是一個荒謬可笑的情節設計,也標志著評分下降的開始。

  A museum piece is something or someone that is so old, antique, and out of place that it should be in a museum rather than as a part of everyday life.It is used mostly as a derogatory phrase – if you call something or someone a museum piece, it means that they are stuck in the old ways of doing things and unable to change or improve。

  如果你使用“sell out”作為描述某件事件的動詞或形容詞,那就是一件好事!這個朮語用於銷售票務的時候。如果你賣完了,那就意味著有人買了一張可用於某個表揚,電影,或者音樂會等的票,並且觀眾人數將達到最多。這對於參加演出的人們和觀看演出的人們來說都是令人興奮的。

  If you use “sell out”as verb or adjective describing an event, this is a great thing! This term is used when you have tickets to sell。 If you are sold out, it means that some person has bought every single ticket available for a certain show, movie, concert, etc.There will be the maximum number of people in the audience, which is exciting for both the people putting on the show and the people who will attend it。




  小丑應該是滑稽的,來娛樂大眾的。他們有的時候會被認為是做各種令人發笑的事情的荒謬人物。因此,如果說你在扮小丑的話,表示你正在做讓人發笑的事情。這通常不是你有意去做的事情。 相反,你可能打算認真地一件事情。 然而,並非你自己的錯誤,最終你卻以扮小丑為終 - 或看起來像一個傻瓜。這個成語通常不是指一件好事。 雖然說有的人真的喜懽小丑,但在這種情況下,小丑指的是很無知的人。

  I spent two years building up this blog and I will not sell out my brand for any amount of money by letting a bad service advertise on it。

  Jerry thought for sure the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Spiderman Homecoming, was going to fall short of the expectations of the fans。 To his surprise, however, it really lived up to the hype!

  Dylan tried to avoid the publicity as much as possible, but he was in the limelight all the time because of his new major hit movie。

  A dog and pony show is one that does that, regardless of the quality of the product。 Many times, the quality or usefulness of the service or product is far lower than you would expect。 Even if this is the case, people will often buy the product because they have been subtly manipulated to be receptive to it。

  I know you are worried about leaving something important behind, but we have our passports and cash for our trip to Japan so let‘s get this show on the road!

  Joan was never someone who craved the limelight, but after the press and interviews of her about her first New York Times bestselling book, she began to see the appeal。

  If you kick something off, you spark its beginning。 If you are sitting in a meeting and no one says anything when the boss asks for feedback, it will be awkward。 To make everyone more comfortable, you can be the first one to speak。 If you do this, you kick off the conversation and get everyone started。 This way, the conversation can start and someone else can continue it。





  Ross, your hat looks like a total museum piece; please do not take it with you to wear to the show。



  Ada was so scared to make a clown of herself that she ended up doing a terrible job at her performance anyways。

  Many of the summer blockbusters that you see each year are popcorn movies, but you might be surprised to realize that the ones that do the best are ones that really make you think。

  噹然,“museum piece”也可以根据它的字面意義上來使用。你可以從字面意義上來稱呼某件在博物館裏陳列的東西為“museum piece”表示珍藏品,但是這個詞的習語意義更為普遍。

  To jump the shark comes from the TV show Happy Days。 It was a sitcom from the 1970s and early 1980s about an idealized life of some teenagers in the Midwestern United States。 In one episode in the fifth season, the main character literally jumps over a shark。 This went against the character’s personality。 As a result, this scene was seen as a ridiculous plot device that marked the beginning of a decline in ratings。

  如果你踢開了某件東西,你就引發了它的開始,九州体育。假設你正在開會中,噹老板詢問反餽意見時,如果沒有任何人給反應的話,場面會非常尷尬。為了讓每一個人都感到舒服,你可以成為第一個發言者。如果你這麼做了,表示你開啟(kick off)了談話,接下來每個人都開始發言。這樣,對話就可以開始了,而其他人也可以繼續談話。





  I had no idea why my friend always asked questions she knew the answer to in class, until I realized that she craved the limelight and enjoyed it when the teacher acknowledged her。



  If you crave the limelight, you really like to be the center of attention。 You crave (really, really want) to be the focus of everyone‘s interest。 This applies to celebrities and politicians, but it also applies to regular people that you meet at work or at school。 If someone is constantly doing crazy things and telling you about it, they are likely a limelight craver。 Another word for this is attention hog。